he was admiring her,she looked like an angel to him
he pulls her closer,wrap his arms
around her waist,chills ran down
her spine,making her weak in the
he took her hand in his,caressed her
palm with his finger and slightly
pecked her on the cheek
a beautiful silence dawned between
she now knew she had too fallen in
love with him..!!


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Her life is sometimes bright and sometimes dull. She had been through the extreme sorrows and lived her deepest fears..
She feels habitual of the darkness as it is the only time where she could be with him in her dreams..
but these dreams are not dreams
anymore because the love she craved
for years is back to her..
when he left , he closed all the
doors, but the door of hope that this could not be the end of her love storty and they will be together again remain alive
but inspite of being the happiest person she is surrounded with the fear, fear of
another heartbreak , fear of losing herself all again
So, she is pushing him away..
She still loves him immensely but being with him forever is again a mere dream..

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Deep conversations

And today someone again asked me,’do u still love him ? ‘
This tym i knew the answer and i replied,’I don’t feel sad when sm1 talks about him
I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach evrytime i hear his name
I don’t fantasize my future with him
He is not a part of my dreams anymore
I don’t search him at familiar places just to have his glance
I don’t mve my eyes in the same direction whenevr i see the familiar car passing by my side
But..the day my eyes will meet his eyes i will fall in love all over again with the same intensity
So ,i don’t love him at this moment

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